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Life Insurance

Who will receive life insurance payment if I die?
Wife/husband, child or designated beneficiaries.

How and where do I nominate who to receive life insurance?
If you want someone other than wife or children to receive life insurance payment it has to be announced to the insurer.

Who are insured?
Seafarer and wife (married) but no children are insured.

How big amount will be paid out?
Min. USD 20,000.

Can I sign insurance cover for my wife and children
which I will receive if they die?

Wife is insured which mean that cover will be paid to you if she die. Children are not insured.

Can I add extra payment to the insurance cover in order to raise the payout?

Will there be a pay out after suicide?

Is there an age limit for life insurance?
Yes, will not be applicable after the age of 65.