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Pension fund

What amount will be paid to me in pension?
Depends on amount money paid and wich placement.

Can I pay extra to raise the pension?
Yes, talk with your employer and consult our website.

When can I start receive pension?
It depends on your home country rules.

During how long time will I receive pension?
Shortest pay out time are five years. Longest period are 10 years.

Can pay out time be changed?
No, not once the payment have started.

Where do I see how investment is developing?
Check the website which you receive when insurance is signed.

Who will receive the pension if I die?
Wife/husband or child or person you have nominated.

Where do I see how pension grow?
On website mentioned above.

Can I choose between low, medium or high risk on investment?
Once insurance is signed you can choose which fond you will invest in and risk level.