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Crew Social Security

Seafarers have today a substantial salary but little financial protection. If an accident occurs, while on leave , it is not unusual that the seafarer will lose or delay his ability for a new contract. From now on, all seafarers can enjoy a solid financial insurance coverage, regardless of nationality.

The insurance cover the period on-shore in between contracts for the seaman and full time for his/her spouse. Premium can be paid either by the company based on the seafarers retention or by the seafarer him/herself regardless a new contract. The insurance package offers, apart from an individual income-protection, also financial protection for the spouse and family.

1. Short-term Disability
Purchase short-term disability insurance for your employees for financial protection in case the employees becomes ill or disabled for longer period of time. The insurance will compensate up to 50% of the salary at the time of disablement and will be paid out on a monthly basis for 24 months.

The premium is determined based on age and salary-level.

2. Life Insurance with Child-protection
If the seafarer will decease during period in between contracts, a corporate-paid life insurance to provide financial support for the spouse and/or family, such life insurance will also be possible to subscribe for coverage in case spouse and/or family will decease in a natural way, regardless seafarers contract period.

A tax-free lump-sum payment of USD 20,000 and up to USD 80.000 depending of agreement will be paid out to the beneficiary.

3. Personal Accident Insurance
A corporate-paid personal accident insurance ensures financial compensation in case the employee will suffer an injury following an accident. Compensation is a lump-sum payment of maximum USD 30,000.

Pension Saving Plan

We offer an international saving plan designed for the Maritime industry.